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Strategy and Leadership

  • Duration: Full semester
  • Fall semester , Exchange student
  • ECTS 7,5 ECTS
  • Application period Application deadline: 01 May

Strategy and Leadership is a 7,5 ECTS course during the fall semester on the master's level. A 7-day home exam finalizes the course.

The single course is only open to exchange students from our partner institutions. Students applying for the English full degree must view the webpage for full degree students. 


About the course

Possible course combinations

It is not possible to combine the course with other courses.


Learning outcomes


Upon completion of the course, the student will have: 

  • profound knowledge of the term “strategy” and key elements within strategic management (k1), 
  • profound knowledge of the basic premise for an organisation to create an endorsement for business’ fundamental ambitions and visions (k2), 
  • advanced knowledge on how each business and its network can identify, develop and utilize the resources that we distribute strategically (k3), 
  • profound knowledge of the board, head management and other stakeholders’ roles in strategic development (k4) and 
  • knowledge of the perspectives on strategy as an academic field (k5). 


Upon completion of the course, the student can: 

  • relate critical to internal and external factors that affect the strategic outcome in developing an overall and detailed coherent strategy for the business (f1), 
  • apply instruments to defend the best possible market and competition positions for the business and can strategize the design of management systems to implement sub strategies (f2) and 
  • understand the importance of methodical and analytical approaches to strategic questions within a business culture (f3). 

General competence 

Upon completion of the course, the student can: 

  • convey problems from ethics, attitudes and social responsibilities to design the foundation for a culture of reflection where these attitudes are debated and tested against practical challenges in the business (g1), 
  • know the principles to convey the business strategy internally to the employees and externally to the stakeholders that, in a broad sense, creates the conditions for the business operations (g2), 
  • understand the necessity of developing a safe culture in the organisation and its consequences, such as converting disagreements and constructive arguments on strategic choices to a foundation for rethinking and innovative processes (g3), 
  • refer to and display the complex combination of knowledge, skills, attitudes and abilities to act which is needed in management on all levels in comprehensive strategic developing processes in the organisation (g5) and 
  • display the prerequisites to turn thoughts about the most important challenges from the business into action, and can implement strategy and development processes within the business.


Course content

The following topics are covered. 

  • Theoretical development perspectives on strategy as an academic field 
  • Strategic processes – different perspectives 
  • Digital influence on strategic processes 
  • The business’ market and competition position 
  • Generic competition strategies 
  • Competitor and environmental analyses 
  • Scenario development and analysis 
  • Network theories and network strategies—collaboration or competition? 
  • Internal analysis and recourse-based theory 
  • Development of structure, business culture and competence which support the business’ goals 
  • Efficiency goals, incentive systems, measurement parameters, rewards on individual and group levels 
  • Social responsibilities and normative and empirical ethics


Teaching and working methods

The following teaching methods are used. 

  • Lectures 
  • Problem solving 
  • Tutorial videos 
  • Case studies


Coursework requirements

  • Students must pass three out of four mandatory course requirements to be allowed to take the exam. 
  • 50% attendance in classes is required. 



  • 7 day individual home exam.


Examination support material

  • All resources.

Practical information


Students must be enrolled in a Master's degree within the field of Business Management, Economics or similar. 



On-campus housing is eligible for students applying for a full semester/academic year.

General information on accommodation at Campus Lillehammer

What does it cost?

Free for exchange students

Study start information

An Orientation Week is arranged in the first week of the fall semester. The first lectures of the course are expected to begin during the following week. 

Would you like to apply?

The course is available only for students coming from our partner institutions. Contact the International Coordinator at your home institution to find out if you are eligible for exchange studies at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences (INN University). Please notice that applications can be submitted for one campus only.

Application procedure and documents

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