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Applications and admissions

To be eligible for admission to a PhD programme, certain educational and financial requirements must be met. If you have not applied to a PhD programme before, we recommend that you read this before you proceed to the programme pages.

Admission requirements

In order to be admitted to the PhD programme the applicant must satisfy the following requirements:

A. Have completed a degree in teacher education and in addition possess an MA in Nordic or English Language or Literature, Literary Studies, Linguistics, Music or Pedagogics or an MA in Language, Culture and Digital Communication.


B. Have completed an MA in Pedagogics or the didactics of either English, Norwegian or Music, an MA in Adaptive Education or an MA in Culture and Language Didactics.

The applicant must possess a strong academic record. Applicants who studied for their MA at a Norwegian institution should normally have been awarded an average grade of at least B. In cases where some or all of the courses taken are awarded a pass/fail grade, applicants may be admitted subject to evaluation on an individual basis.

Applicants who do not have a degree in teacher education or who have MAs in subjects other than those stipulated for admission to the programme can be admitted on the basis of an individual evaluation. This is also the case for applicants whose average grade is lower than that normally required. Such applicants are required to demonstrate the probability of their being able to complete a course of studies at the doctoral level. Should it be deemed necessary, they may also be required to submit additional documentation of their academic ability or to sit an admissions test. They may also be required to read another subject before being considered for admission or to read an additional subject within a stipulated timeframe. These requirements are in addition to the formal requirements of the doctoral programme.

Procedures for dealing with applications

All applications for admission are considered by the programme committee for the PhD programme in Teaching and Teacher Education. Decisions regarding admission are made on the basis of an overall evaluation of the applicant’s suitability for the programme and their plan for their doctoral studies, including their project description and their funding. Applicants may be provisionally admitted subject to the satisfaction of various criteria, such as the provision of sufficient funding, the availability of study places, the development of individual tuition plans, successfully acquiring additional education and agreements about intellectual property. In cases where the number of qualified applicants with approved funding exceeds the number of places available on the programme, applicants will be ranked in accordance with the following criteria:

  • Employment as a doctoral scholar at INN University
  • The quality of the PhD project and its relevance to the PhD programme
  • The extent to which the university college can provide appropriate supervision