PhD Child and Youth Participation and Competence Development (BUK)

  • Duration: 3
  • Spring semester
  • ECTS 180 ECTS
  • Application period See vacant positions
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About the research programme

The programme focuses on child and youth participation and competence development within and across different contexts, as well as professional organizations that work to facilitate the participation of children and youth in various areas.

The academic learning objectives for the PhD programme are formulated based om the Qualifications Framework for Higher Education. The learning objectives are as follows:

  1. The PhD candidate shall master general scientific theory and methodology, and shall gain insight into central discourse within the philosophy of science.
  2. The programme shall provide the PhD candidate with the infrastructure for insight and critical reflection in regard to theories, empirical research, and professional practice within the field of child and youth participation and competence development. Furthermore, the candidate will gain knowledge about different societal and professional initiatives in this area.
  3. The programme aims to provide the candidate with knowledge of key research questions in the core area child and youth participation and competence development in general, and within the candidate’s focus area in particular.
  4. The programme shall provide the candidate with the tools and skills to be able to teach and supervise within the field of child and youth participation and competence development, and in her/his own area of specialization.
  5. The programme will, furthermore, provide the candidate with training that will enable her/him to conduct and disseminate research at an international level.

The PhD programme consists of the following:

  • An approved taught component
  • An independent research project completed with the guidance of the PhD candidate’s supervisor, and – if applicable – other researchers
  • The completion of a written PhD thesis based on the research project
  • Engagement with national and international research communities
  • Academic dissemination activities closely related to the doctoral work

PROFRES Research School

The BUK PhD programme is associated with the national research school within the professional disciplines of health, welfare and education (PROFRES).

The offer by the research school is available in addition to the BUK PhD programme, and is intended to ensure that candidates have a forum for research in and about professional practice of high value for professional implementation within the relevant sectors.

What does it cost?

Funded through advertised fellowships or other external funding