Special requirements - Master in Special Education

1. Passport photocopy, preferably in colour

2. Residence permit in Norway (if applicable), both sides ot the residence card must be visible.

3. English proficiency

4. Transcripts and Diploma from upper secondary education (high school).

5. University transcripts, Diploma (if appicable) and Diploma Supplement (applicable in Europe). A copy of your Bachelor’s degree diploma/certificate (Degree must meet the requirements of the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education)

6. The INN Education Survey

7. List of directly ordered transcipts (if applicable)

8. Employment reference letter which documents at least 3372 hours (2 years) relevant work experience with children and/or adult within educational context. Please note that the reference letters has to be certified by your employer.

9. A reflective essay on your practical aestetic skill, describing your experience and its relevance to the programme (maximum 1200 words – this can include examples e.g. photographs).