Master in Special Education - Practical skills transformative learning

  • and The Field Centre (Nailsworth, UK)
  • Duration: 3 years part time
  • Full degree student
  • ECTS 120 ECTS
  • Application period Application deadline: April 15th. 2021

Master in Special Education focuses on the learning processes that arise when students engage in practical and aesthetical activities. The degree is fully taught in English and offers a combination of theoretical, practical and experimental approaches.


About the programme

This new international master programme in Special Education is fully taught in English and focuses on learning processes that arise when students engage in practical and estethical activities.

Through a combination of theoretical, practical and experimental approaches to special pedagogics we aim to facilitate critical debate and evaluate existing perspectives in the field. In addition we will work with developing new and innovative approaches in the field of education, especially with reference to children and young people with learning disabilities and / or special needs.


The primary goals of the Masters include:

  • Develop and create innovative practical approaches to teaching and learning in special needs education
  • Recognize and meet children and youth with disabilities and/ or special learning difficulties with knowledge, respect, dignity – in a collaborative process
  • Develop conscious awareness of educational potential, through the re-connection of the hand (practical), the heart (emotional) and the head (intellectual)
  • Develop conscious awareness of pedagogic possibilities and potential in new situations, contexts and locations
  • Facilitate transformative learning through the relocation of the point of learning from the head to the hands and heart
  • Effectively evaluate, reflect and research own practice in order to enhance the effectiveness of teaching and learning within a special needs context, reflecting the specific needs and resistances presented by the individual learner.

Admission Office


Phone: + 47 62 43 00 04 (Opening hours: 10:00 - 14:00 CET)

Deadline: Application deadline is April 15th 2021. Note that admission to this program is for EU/EEA citizens only.

Admission requirements

Documentation requirements

English language requirements

Practical information

Study in Nailsworth (UK) and Lillehammer (Norway)

The study programme is organised around the students’ own practical and aesthetic skills. Theoretical studies and philosophical debates will be combined with practical use of experimental learning in a number of workshops.

The study programme is organised as a part-time study with a duration of three (3) years and 120 ECTS credits (240 UK Credits).

The programme will be taught in Nailsworth (UK) and in Lillehammer (Norway), through five two-week and two one-week residential blocks:

Block 1, Lillehammer September 2021

Block 2, Nailsworth, February 2022

Block 3, Lillehammer, May 2022

Block 4, Nailsworth, October 2022

Block 5, Nailsworth, February 2023

Block 6, Lillehammer, May 2023

Block 7, Nailsworth August 2023

The costs related to travel and stay in connection with the studies are for the students themselves to cover.

What does it cost?

No tuition, but semester fee is required
Master in special eduction at INN University, Campus Lillehammer.

Study in both UK and Norway

The MA programme will be delivered on a collaborative basis in both the UK and in Norway. It will bring students together in a series of seven intensive study blocks over the three years of study. Students will be expected to complete a series of tasks, and learning activities to include academic reading, reflective peer learning and assignments in between the formal study blocks.

Learning will take place primarily at Inland Norway University of Applied Science and The Field Centre, Ruskin Mill Land Trust (UK).