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Norwegian Language and Culture for International Students (NOIS)

  • Duration: 2 years
  • Spring semester , Fall semester
  • ECTS 60 ECTS
  • Application period Application period:

This programme is for students who wish to acquire the necessary language skills to qualify for further studies at university or college level in Norway, or the labour market. The programme is part-time, in order to make it possible to study or work in Norway at the same time.


About the programme

In this programme, mastering the practical language is combined with insight into the society and culture of present-day Norway. You do not need to know Norwegian beforehand, we start from scratch. However, you will have to document your  Higher Education Entrance Qualification, including English language proficiency.

This is a part-time programme, and cannot be taken full-time.

From 2021, the programme will consist of four courses, each carrying 15 ECTS and ending with an exam. Together, course 3 and 4 will be equivalent to "Trinn 3". Direct admission to course 2 or 3/4 will be possible upon documentation of a certain level in Norwegian. 

The updated study plan including the changes made in the courses, will be published in January 2021. 


Admission requirements

See full requirements

Practical information

The programme is offered at our campus in Hamar, a medium-sized town centrally located in the south eastern part of Norway. Hamar is only an hour by train from Oslo Airport Gardermoen. There is both physical attendance and online activities, and the programme requires a lot of self studies. 

Admission requirements

General entry requirements

All international applicants must meet the minimum requirements for admission to higher education in Norway set by the Norwegian agency for Quality Assurance in Education  (NOKUT general recognition) . That includes English proficiency. 

English language requirements

All non-native English speakers must provide official documentation of English language proficiency at the level of Norwegian upper secondary school/high school. Please see  NOKUT.


Among the NOIS-applicants meeting the academic requirements mentioned in  the GSU-list, the following applicants will have priority:

Priority 1   A) Applicants residing in Norway on the basis of residence permit spanning for a longer period than the duration of the NOIS program. Applicants staying on student visa will not come into this category.
B) EU/EEA citizens.
Priority 2   Applicants from countries exempted from  entry-visa, and without academic education equivalent to a Master's degree in Norway, see  GSU-list.  
Priority 3   Applicants not holding an equivalent to a Master's degree in Norway, see  GSU-list , from these countries: Bahrain, Belize, Bolivia, Botswana, Ecuador, Fiji, Indonesia, Cambodia, Cape Verde, Kazakhstan, China, Comoro Islands, Kuwait, Laos, Lesotho, Maldives, Mozambique, Namibia, Nauru, Oman, Papua New Guinea, Qatar, Russia, Saudi-Arabia, Surinam, Swaziland, South Africa, Thailand, Zambia.  
Priority 4   Applicants from countries not included above (1-3), and without academic education equivalent to a Master's degree in Norway, see  GSU-list.  

This concerns NOIS-applicants only, and is due to  restrictions from the  UDI (The Norwegian Immigration Authorities). Applicants holding Master's degrees with citizenships from outside the EU/EEA cannot expect their residence applications to be granted for NOIS and following studies, which is why they are not prioritized.

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You will learn this

On completing this qualification, a candidate should have the following leaning outcomes:



The candidate

  • has knowledge of how the Norwegian language is structured and is informed about language conditions in Norway
  • has knowledge of the key features of Norwegian culture and society



The candidate

  • can express her/himself clearly, and can understand spoken Norwegian well
  • can read and write Norwegian well


General competence

The candidate


has the language skills necessary to complete studies where the medium of instruction and course literature is in Norwegian

can keep abreast of what is happening in Norway and the world in general, through Norwegian media

Further studies

Completing the NOIS programme qualifies you for further studies in Norway. You will then compete with other applicants for admission to the programme of your dreams.

What does it cost?

No tuition, but semester fee is required
Norwegian Language and Culture for International Students (NOIS)

Who is the programme for?

The programme is for

  • foreign students who want to acquire the language skills and cultural background necessary to study at university or college level in Norway
  • students taking Scandinavian studies in their home country, who want a "real life" experience of practising Norwegian and studying in Norway
  • international people already working in Norway who needs or wants to learn Norwegian

Valerii Zolotov from Ukraine is a former student of the  Norwegian Language and Culture for International Students programme. He is now studying for a BA at INN University. - The study programme is a perfect combination of different teaching methodes, and includes various types of information sources.

This study is offered by: Faculty of Education