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Introduction to programming

  • Duration: Full semester
  • Fall semester , Exchange student
  • ECTS 7,5 ECTS
  • Application period Application deadline: 01 May

Introduction to programming (ØKA2012) is a 7,5 ECTS course in the fall semester on Bachelor level. A digital 4-hour school exam finalizes the course. The course is only open to exchange students from our partner institutions. 

To view possible course combinations, view "About the course". As this is a new course, we are currently checking possible course combinations. 

About the course

Possible course combinations

As this is a new course, we are currently checking the compatibility, and the possible combinations will be announced after 01 June. 


Recommended prerequisites

Courses in Mathematics and Statistics. 


Course schedule

The course schedule will be published after:

  • 01 June for the following fall semester


Course material

To view the course material for ØKA2012/1 Introduction to programming, please search here. Do notice that the overview might not be available until a few weeks before the official semester start.



Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the course, the student shall have obtained the following learning outcomes: 


The student

  • can describe the basic principles of programming in general
  • can explain the process from identifying a problem to a functioning program 
  • understand the importance of reproducibility


The student

  • can use functions, loops, assignments, subsetting and conditionals in a script
  • can analyze a problem by finding and implementing algorithms on various data structures, which solves the problem
  • can test and verify solutions
  • can implement small programming projects in practice 

General Competence 

The student

  • can explain how various tasks in a business can be streamlined by the use of programming
  • can apply programming to solve relevant problems within the Business Analytics are


Course content

  • Variables and data
  • Input and output
  • Control structures: Sequence, choice, and repetition
  • Structure and division of programming; functions and modules
  • Data structures
  • File Management, storage of information and handling exceptions
  • Numerical methods
  • Formulating algorithms
  • Basic data processing
  • Applications


Teaching and working methods

Video-lectures and workshops with case studies, problem-solving, mandatory hand-ins.


Coursework requirements

Written and oral mandatory coursework.



4-hour individual school exam under attendance.The performance will be evaluated by letter grade, A-F, where E is the lowest passing grade.


Examination support material

Allowed resources during the exam:


Practical information


On-campus housing is eligible for students applying for a full semester/academic year.

General information on accommodation at Campus Lillehammer

What does it cost?

Free for exchange students

Study start information

An Orientation Week is arranged in the first week of the fall semester. Lectures are expected to begin during the following week.

Would you like to apply?

The course is available only for students coming from our partner institutions. Contact the International Coordinator at your home institution to find out if you are eligible for exchange studies at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences (INN University). Please notice that applications can be submitted for one campus only.

Application procedure and documents

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