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Game Technology

  • Duration: Fall semester (Aug-Dec), Spring semester (Jan-June)
  • Spring semester , Fall semester , Exchange student
  • ECTS 30/60 ECTS
  • Application period 15 April for spring, 1 May for fall (nomination from home institution is required for Exchange students)
  • You are creative and have good computer skills
  • You have an interest in drawing, conseptual arts and motion graphics
  • You want to work with special effects, 3D-modelling, and digital content composition

About the programme

These courses will give an introduction to computer graphics, design and animation, combining creativity and technical skills.

Would you like to apply?

Contact the university's exchange coordinator or international office at your home institution to find out if you are eligible for exchange studies at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences (INN University). Applications can be submitted for one campus only.

Practical information

Only Erasmus+ Exchange students in Computer Education from our partner institutions can apply to this Exchange programme. You can chose from the list of courses, 30 ECTS is the expected workload for one semester.

The courses Animation I, Drawing, Introduction to 3D and Programming I can all be combined. Game and Systems Thinking and Pre-Production for Pilot may collide on the timetable.

For Programming I, very good theoretical and practical mathematical skills are required.

We expect the students to have up to date PCs and software.



Studiepoeng År 1

Admission requirements

Only students in Computer Sciences related studies from our partner institutions are admitted to this Exchange programme, and nomination from your home institution is required.

For Animation I, Drawing I and Programming I documented skills, interest and basic knowledge are required, and the applicants must be approved by the head of study at INN University.

B1/B2 level of English language is required.

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