PhD Innovation in Services in the Public and Private Sectors (INSEPP)

  • Duration: 3
  • Spring semester
  • ECTS 180 ECTS
  • Application period See vacant positions
  • Development of new knowledge about innovation in the public and private service sector 
  • Innovation processes in private service production
  • Public innovation systems and welfare innovation

About the research programme

The PhD program Innovation in Services - Public and Private (INSEPP) aims at contributing to the development of new knowledge in the realm of innovation in public and private sector.

The PhD program endeavors to create knowledge through research of the characteristics of service innovation, barriers and driving forces for innovation, innovation processes and effects of service innovations.

INSEPPs research focuses on these main areas:

  • Innovation processes in the private service industries
  • Welfare innovation
  • Innovation in municipalities
  • Innovation in culture, tourism and adventure industries
  • Social entrepreneurship

INSEPP is affiliated with  Kompetansesenter for offentlig innovasjon (KOI) (information in Norwegian).

Courses at INSEPP

Requirements for the composition of PhD courses INSEPP:

At INSEPP there is a requirement of 35 ECTS credits, where 30 ECTS credits consists of compulsory courses, and 5 ECTS credits consists of optional courses. The compulsory courses shall cover 10 ECTS credits in Theory of science and research ethics, 10 ECTS credits in Innovation in public and private sector, and 10 ECTS credits in Social science method. 20 of the compulsory ECTS credits are covered by courses offered by INN University, while 10 ECTS credits in the Social science method must be obtained at another institution.

Compulsory courses offered by INN/INSEPP:

  • Course in Theory of science and research ethics (10 ECTS credits). An annual course in Theory of science and research ethics is offered for all doctoral candidates at INN
  • Course in Innovation in public and private sector (10 ECTS credits). This course is offered every second year at INN

At INSEPP it can be given up to 3 ECTS credits in the training component for presentation of paper at research conferences. You can achieve 1 ECTS credits for participation at national conferences, and 2 ECTS credits for participation at international conferences.

NORSI – Norwegian Research School in innovation

NORSI is the national research school for PhD students in Norway within the field of innovation. NORSI is a network-based research school, where Inland Norway University College has been a partner institution since 2013. Together with its ten institutional partners, NORSI offers a number of doctoral courses within innovation research. As a PhD candidate at INTOP you can become a member of NORSI and attend current courses.

What does it cost?

Funded through advertised fellowships or other external funding