Management Communication

  • Duration: Full semester
  • Spring semester , Exchange student
  • ECTS 7,5 ECTS
  • Application period Application deadline: 15 October

Management Communication (3ORG320) is a 7,5 ECTS course in the spring semester on Bachelor level at Campus Rena. An oral exam finalizes the course.

The course is only open to exchange students from our partner institutions.


About the course

The purpose of the course is to introduce students to theoretical insights and practical tools in the field of management communication. Communication is crucial for managers and leaders who daily face challenges in communicating decisions, informing, motivating and inspiring employees and peers, as well as facilitating successful organizational development and change. The course adopts a micro perspective focusing on the interpersonal interaction, and aims at enhancing management communication skills for efficient and interpersonal and group communication.

Knowledge: Upon completing the course the students will obtain knowledge about:

  • Communication models between individuals and/in groups.
  • Communication theories and models for motivation and trust-building.
  • Conscious and unconscious processes lying behind effective communication.
  • Rhetoric and argumentation.

Skills: Upon fulfilling the course the student should develop practical skilles and abilities in:

  • Creating and delivering message which motivates, persuades and produces a change
  • Using creative communication techniques in interpersonal and group communication
  • Exercising influence through communication
  • Building relationships through communication

General competency: On completion of the course the student is to:

  • Have developed a theoretical insights and practical tools in the field of management communication.


  • Organizational communication
  •  Interpersonal communication
  •  Communication in groups
  •  Effective message
  • Communication techniques
  • Rhetorical techniques
  • Persuasion

Organisation and teaching methods: Lectures, workshops, group assignments, student presentations
Prerequisites: None
Course requirements that must be approved before being eligible to sit the examination: 
One written assignment – individual or in Groups. Mandatory attendance and participation in one group communication exercise.
Assessment methods: Oral exam in Groups. Main topics will be announced 48 hours in advance of the examination
Academic responsibility: Faculty of Business Administration

What does it cost?

Free for exchange students

Would you like to apply?

The course is available only for students coming from our partner institutions. Contact the International Coordinator at your home institution to find out if you are eligible for exchange studies at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences (INN University). Please notice that applications can be submitted for one campus only.

Application procedure and documents