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Introductory Econometrics

  • Duration: Full semester
  • Fall semester , Exchange student
  • ECTS 7,5 ECTS
  • Application period Application deadline: 01 May

Introductory Econometrics (ØKA2005) is a 7,5 ECTS course in the fall semester on Bachelor level. A digital 4-hour school exam finalizes the course. The course is only open to exchange students from our partner institutions. 

To view possible course combinations, view "About the course".

About the course

The course is a continuation of the course Introduction to social science research methods. The objective is to give students a comprehensive introduction to some of the main statistical techniques that fall under the heading of econometrics. In particular, the emphasis is on linear regression analysis and its extensions.

Application is the keyword for the course. The instructor will demonstrate the statistical analyses in class, and the students will replicate these in a “computer room” after class under supervision. As the first part of a mandatory hand-in (or term paper), students will in groups (up to 5) gather their own data for an econometrics project. The second part of this hand-in/term paper, carried out in pairs, consist of demonstrating the various “tricks of the trade” covered during the course. The evaluation of the hand-in/term paper emphasizes clarity and ability to reason in the presentation of results.


Possible course combinations

It is not possible to combine the course with other courses.


Course schedule

The course schedule will be published after:

  • 01 June for the following fall semester


Recommended prerequisites

An introductory course in social science research methods; an introductory course in calculus/mathematics and statistics (advisable)


Course material

To view the course material for ØKA2005 Introductory Econometrics, please search here. Do notice that the overview might not be available until a few weeks before the official semester start.

Practical information


On-campus housing is eligible for students applying for a full semester/academic year.

General information on accommodation at Campus Lillehammer

You will learn this

Knowledge(upon completion of the course, the students should be able to):

  • Describe the general research process in an econometrics project
  • Explain how linear regression analyses works in general
  • Describe the assumptions of linear regression, and how to test the “testable” ones
  • Discuss the meaning of a correctly specified model and different functional forms
  • Articulate how logistic regression analysis works and how to interpret its findings (roughly) 
  • Articulate how times-series regression analysis works (roughly)


Skills(upon completion of the course, the students should be able to):

  • Design an econometrics project (e.g. a bachelor project) based on regression analysis as the main methodological toolPerform basic data management tasks (e.g. construction of polynomials, logarithms, interactions etc.)
  • Carry out, interpret and present results from regression analyses in a satisfactory manner with respect to clarity and reasonability
  • Understand the various assumptions that regression analysis rests upon as well as how to test certain of these assumptions
  • Grasp and articulate the notion of a “correctly specified model” and understand the ideas behind the use of various functional forms
  • Carry out basic logistic regression analysis
  • Carry out basic time-series regression analysis

General knowledge(upon completion of the course, the students should bepartiallyable to):

  • Ascertain whether a research question could be stated in terms of an econometrics project
  • Define, redefine and confine a research question into an econometrics project 

What does it cost?

Free for exchange students

Study start information

An Orientation Week is arranged in the first week of the fall semester. Lectures are expected to begin during the following week.

Would you like to apply?

The course is available only for students coming from our partner institutions. Contact the International Coordinator at your home institution to find out if you are eligible for exchange studies at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences (INN University). Please notice that applications can be submitted for one campus only.

Application procedure and documents

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