Master in Applied Ecology

  • Duration: 2 years
  • Full degree student
  • ECTS 120 ECTS
  • Application period Application period: November 1st - February 1st (applicants outside EU/EEA) Now open for Eu/EEA applicants
  • You will be immersed in the sustainable management of natural resources
  • You will become a part of an active study and research environment
  • You will acquire skills that are valuable for a variety of jobs nationally and internationally

About the programme

The programme is unique as it combines ecological theory and scientific methods with matters of administrative law.

The programme focuses on the sustainable use of resources through the proper implementation of various measures. We examine the effects of human intervention in nature and the measures we can take to reduce any negative influence. We put an emphasis on ecological and scientific methods through the use of new technology and statistical methods.

At  Evenstad you will meet an international environment where both employees and fellow students share your enthusiasm for a common academic field.

The proximity to nature, and a lively campus in which all activities revolve around forest and natural resource management, give you a unique opportunity to combine theory and practice, education and leisure.

Teaching is conducted in English.

How to apply?

This study is applicabable through our local admission service using the code 5453 (only Eu/EEA applicants). Click the Apply button on this page to proceed.


Admission requirements

To enter the programme, students are required to confirm the achievement of either:

  • A Norwegian bachelor degree, or an education recognized as being equivalent to a Norwegian bachelor degree
  • An education recognized as three years of higher education in Norway
  • Education approved as equivalent to the above-mentioned degrees according to university law § 3-4.

Students must have achieved an average weighted (ECTS credits) mark of at least C for the bachelor study or equivalent education. In cases where all or parts of the programme were approved with the use of the marks Pass / Fail, the applicants are admitted after individual assessment.

The degree from higher education has to include the equivalent of at least 80 ECTS credits of the following subjects:

  • Minimum 7.5 ECTS-credit equivalents in statistics or similar topics
  • Minimum 72.5 ECTS-credit equivalents in ecology, biology, zoology, botany, evolution, wildlife biology, environmental sciences, or other relevant topics

The study may be limited to a certain number of students decided yearly. In this case the ranking of students will follow the average weighted (ECTS credits) marks from their degree in higher education.

English language requirements:

All non-native English speakers must provide official documentation of English language proficiency at a high level.

See complete language requirements 

Se curriculum 2019/2020

The Application portal is open between November 1st and February 1st


Phone: + 47 62 43 00 04 (Opening hours: 10:00 - 14:00 CET)

Overview Innland Norway University of Applied Sciences, Campus Evenstad.

Why study Master's degree in Applied Ecology?

The Master in Applied Ecology aims to provide the opportunity for students to:

  • Learn to conceive, plan and carry to completion a substantial piece of original research under the supervision of a professional;
  • Become familiar with contemporary knowledge and thinking in the field of applied ecology;
  • Learn to communicate and participate in discussions on current controversial issues in ecology and the application of the science.

What kind of expertise will I gain?
  • Ecological topics at scales from individuals to global systems.
  • Human impacts due to harvesting, introduction of alien species, habitat destruction and fragmentation, population control, pollution and climatic changes.
  • The application of ecological methodology such as study design, statistical modelling, ecological technologies and analysis of wildlife and habitat monitoring.

Lisa Dickel came to Evenstad as a practical experiential learning student. Now she is getting her master’s degree. 

Lisa Dickel hovedbilde

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No tuition, but semester fee is required