Campus computers


If you do not have access to your own computer every faculty has a few desktops available at your disposal. The number of available desktops in each different faculty will vary. You use your normal username and password to log on to these computers.

Please refer to this link for Guidelines for the use of computer equipment


Precautions for use of faculty computers

  1. Make sure that the computer is not in use or logged on to by another user
  2. If the computer is not in use, but is logged on - LOG OFF before you use the computer – otherwise
  • You risk to save your work in someone else’s home directory or to send your documents to someone else’s print queue when printing
  1. Remember to log out after use – otherwise
  • the next person who use the computer will be logged in to your personal account - with the same rights as yourself
  • there is a significant risk that personal information, documents and e-mails go astray