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Submission of the thesis

Before submitting your thesis, you should check that the thesis document complies with the requirements for the layout of the PhD thesis.

Here is a checklist that you can print and use during the submission: PhD candidate’s CHECKLIST for submission of thesis.

The submission

The thesis is sent in five copies (fastened and bound) to INN University / through the PhD programme coordinator / contact person, along with the following:

After submission

You will receive a receipt from the PhD coordinator at the faculty that the thesis and application for the assessment are received. The PhD Committee may, at its discretion, reject an application for the assessment of a thesis if it is clear that the thesis is not of a sufficiently high scientific quality and will be rejected by a committee. If the application is approved, the thesis is sent to the appointed evaluation committee.

What should you do while you wait for the assessment? 

  • Errata list: A submitted work cannot be withdrawn until a final decision is made on whether it is worthy of defence for the PhD degree. However, you have the possibility to apply for permission to correct formal errors in the thesis after it has been submitted. Correction of formal errors means, in practice, making the text syntactically meaningful or linguistically correct, not clarifying or changing the meaning of the text. The application must be enclosed with a complete overview of the errors (errata) that you want to correct, and it should not be long. If you have listed changes that the PhD Committee or the evaluation committee believe are substantive, you will not be granted permission to implement the changes. The application for permission to correct formal errors in the thesis must be sent by e-mail to the PhD Committee with the errata list as an attachment, no later than 4 weeks before the committee's deadline for submission of the decision, and can only be done once. After the errata list has been approved by the PhD Committee, it will be forwarded to the evaluation committee.

Guide to the Errata List 

  • Dissemination of the doctoral thesis: You must submit a form with a popular scientific summary of your thesis three weeks before your public defence. It must be short, precise and understandable to people outside your field. What is your contribution to research, to society? The summary must be submitted in Norwegian and English since your research work must be disseminated on both INN University's Norwegian and English-language websites. It takes time to produce good research communication, so it is a good idea to start before your assessment is available.

    Here you will find tips for writing the popular scientific summary.

    Form for dissemination of PhD thesis.