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Approved thesis

After the evaluation committee and INN University have found your doctoral thesis worthy of defence, preparations for the final doctoral exam, trial lecture and public defence will begin.

Dissemination of PhD Thesis – Popular Scientific Summary

INN University ensures that the time and place of the public defence is announced in good time together with information on how the thesis is published. Once you have received the notice regarding the doctoral examination, you must complete a form for dissemination of PhD thesis, which you must send to INN University within one week.

Dissemination of PhD Thesis – Popular Scientific Summary  

How to write a popular scientific summary

Printing and publishing of the doctoral thesis

The thesis must be printed and published at least two weeks before the public defence. This means that you must start the printing process as soon as you have received a positive recommendation from the committee.

If you have previously published parts of the thesis, you must undergo a rights clearance of the thesis and articles for public publishing, in print and digitally in Brage.

The thesis to be submitted for printing must be the same as the one approved by the evaluation committee, with the following exceptions:

  • Changes due to rework on the basis of the committee's preliminary comments, or
  • Corrections of formal errors ( errata) that have been approved by the PhD committee prior to the evaluation committee's recommendation.

If you did not use INN University's thesis template at the time of submission, you must do so now to ensure that the thesis is in an approved format and in accordance with INN University's regulations. Read the instructions on the Library's website carefully. The text on the thesis cover is based on information that you have entered in the thesis template, so it is important that you read this carefully before submitting it for printing.

Here you will find information on how to submit your thesis for printing.

The faculty orders 50 copies of the doctoral thesis, 12 of which will be handed over to the faculty, the evaluation committee and the Library. You will also receive a copy. The remaining copies are received by the faculty and transported to the public defence room on the day of the public defence. Here, about 20 copies will be presented to the public in advance of the defence, while 17 will be presented to you. If you want to order more copies for your own use, you must state this when you submit the thesis for printing. You have to pay for these extra copies yourself. Ordering is done when you send the thesis for printing. You will then be contacted with an offer from the printing company. If you accept it, you will receive an invoice. Your additional copies will be delivered with INN University's copies.

All doctoral theses at INN University are also made publicly available in the Brage scientific archive, unless there are specific reasons for not doing so.