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For applicants with other sources of funding

If you apply for admission to a PhD programme with funding other than a fellowship position at INN University, you must document this when applying for admission. The funding must be valid for the entire admission period (three years) and all financial matters related to the doctoral course of studies must be clarified between the funding party and INN University before the application for admission can be approved.

As a rule, INN University requires that external funding covers an amount equivalent to the Research Council's rates for fellowship grants for the funding of doctoral fellows. This includes salary, payroll tax, social security costs, operation funds and funds for foreign stays. For all applicants who are not fully funded through scholarship schemes, documentation is required showing that at least 50 percent of the working hours of the doctoral degree programme can be used for research education, and that at least one year may be devoted to full-time studies.

There is ongoing admission to all PhD programmes at INN University. In addition, the same requirements for prior knowledge and application content apply to you who have external funding, as for those who are appointed as research fellows at INN University.