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Admission agreement

The admission agreement governs the PhD candidate’s, the supervisor’s, and INN University's rights and duties during the agreement period.

Once you have been admitted to a PhD programme at INN University, you will receive an admission agreement in two copies. The first part of the agreement (Part A) is between the PhD candidate and INN University (represented by the head of the programme). The second part (Part B) is a supervision agreement. This must be signed by the PhD candidate and supervisor(s).

PhD candidates with funding from, or other contributions from, an external party are sent a separate agreement between the candidate, the PhD programme and the external party (Part C).

The agreement must be signed by all parties. A signed copy will be sent to the PhD coordinator, while the candidate will retain the other signed copy.

The admission period

In the admission agreement, the agreement period is set with a start date and end date. These are usually overlapping with the start date and end date for the funding of education. In case of approved delays, the contract period is extended accordingly. INN University may extend the contract period after a justified application. By granting an extension, INN University can add further conditions to the extension.

Following the expiry of the agreement period, the parties' rights and duties will be terminated in accordance with the PhD agreement, so that the PhD candidate may lose her/his right to supervision, course participation and access to INN University’s infrastructure. However, the candidate may apply to submit the thesis for evaluation in order to be awarded the PhD degree. The thesis must be delivered within 8 years from the start date, otherwise the candidate will lose the right to publicly defend the thesis as part of the PhD programme.

The candidate and INN University can agree that the PhD education will end before the agreed time. This can be done through voluntary termination or forced termination.