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Admission and start-up

Start-up of the PhD programme

In order to be admitted to a research study programme at INN University, you must hold a master’s degree, as well as funding for the three-year duration of the programme. You must also document prior knowledge requirements and funding, as well as prepare an education plan and a project description.

Prior knowledge requirements

To be admitted to a doctorate programme, you must have a strong academic background from your previous studies, i.e. the average grade should normally be B or better from your master's degree programme (120 credits) or equivalent education. The calculation of the average grade should be weighed against the credits for each course and for the master's thesis. If you have taken your education abroad, you may take the initiative and contact NOKUT for approval of the education. Otherwise, an equivalent assessment will be made as part of your application process.

In cases in which an applicant’s previous education has been evaluated using pass/fail grades, the suitability of the applicant for a PhD programme will be determined following an individual assessment.

Funding of your education

When applying for admission, you must document how your research education and doctoral project will be funded. The majority of INN University's PhD candidates are employed at the Institution as research fellows. PhD vacancies are published on INN University’s website.

All applications for PhD positions are processed through the JobNorge portal. The vacancy text, application form, and the relevant faculty’s guidelines will specify the documentation requirements for each position. Read more about the admission process for PhD candidates at INN University here.

It is also possible to apply for admission to research education with alternative funding. You can obtain funding through various scholarships and grant schemes. The Research Council of Norway offers support to enterprises in the private and public sector with employees who wish to undertake a doctorate.

For more information, read more about these schemes on the Research Council’s website


An application for admission to a PhD programme must contain:

Documentation of the education and / or work experience that will form the basis of the admission (normally a diploma and CV) and documentation of funding.

Application for Admission to Doctoral Education

A project description that includes:

  • An academic account of the research project (project description)
  • Documentation of special needs for academic and material resources
  • Plan for stay at another institution, including abroad
  • Plan for academic dissemination
  • Information regarding potential intellectual property restrictions to protect the rights of others
  • Plan for the training component, including training aimed at entrance qualification in accordance with the Qualifications Framework
  • A suggestion for at least one supervisor as well as indication of affiliation with an active research environment
  • An account of possible legal and ethical issues that the project raises, and how these can be clarified. It should be stated in the application whether the project requires the approval of research ethics committees, other authorities, or the consent of private actors (informants, patients, parents, etc.).

Applicants are admitted to PhD programmes at INN University on an ongoing basis. An application with compulsory attachments must be submitted to the PhD coordinator / R&D advisor at the relevant PhD programme. All diplomas must be originals or legally certified copies.