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PhD courses

Here you will find an overview of courses offered by INN University's PhD programmes. Please click on to the course name for more information and registration.

All PhD programmes at INN University have a taught/training component. Overview of how this component is organized, and which courses and seminars are mandatory and optional, can be found on the various programme pages. 

Please note: courses with a Norwegian name are taught in Norwegian.

Spring semester 2019

Dates: 31 May-7 June 2019
Course name: BUK4001/1 PhD Course in Philosophy of Science and Research Ethics of Science and Research
PhD programme: All
Campus: Lillehammer

Information in English


Fall semester 2019

Dates: 6-7 May, 26-27 August and 2-3 December 2019
Course name: Praksisnær forskning og utviklingsarbeid
PhD programme: All
Campus: Lillehammer (May)

Registration deadline is 12 April 2019 to Ane Gunhild Amirnejad

Dates: 2 – 6 September 2019
Course name: Teori om barn og unges deltakelse og kompetanseutvikling
PhD programme: All
Campus: Lillehammer

Registration on Søknadsweb. Deadline is 4 August 2019

Dato: 9-13 September 2019
Course name: Adaptive Ecological Monitoring (emneansvarlig: Olivier Deveniau)
PhD programme: Applied Ecology
Campus: Evenstad

Registration on Søknadsweb. Deadline is 1 September.

Dates: 16-17 September, 15-16 oOctober, 28- 29 October and 6-7 November 2019
Course name:  C.1 Forskningsmetoder i profesjonsrettede lærerutdanningsfag
PhD programme:  PROFF (Ph.d. i profesjonsrettede lærerutdanningsfag)
Campus:  Hamar

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Previously held PhD courses