Centre for innovation in services (CIS)

The centre for innovation in services (CIS) is a multidisciplinary research centre, operating within a wide field of service innovation research.

The centre’s overarching goal is to facilitate and stimulate research into innovation in the private and public service sectors. We work with both large and small research and development projects, and our work includes acquisition, project implementation, and dissemination.

A key mission for the centre is to support the PhD programme Innovation in Services in the Public and Private Sectors (INSEPP) with relevant research activities. The centre’s members play a vital role in INSEPP as supervisors for doctoral candidates and as lecturers on PhD courses.

CIS’ work is oriented towards strengthening contact with regional and national actors, as well as national and international research communities. The centre has two academic development groups and several smaller research groups. The academics associated with CIS have a range of expertise that makes CIS a unique environment for innovation studies.

Our academic expertise ranges from innovation in municipalities, through general public sector innovation, to innovation processes in business and their implications for competitiveness in businesses and employment in regions.

Research activity is largely directed by which projects we work on at any given time.