Values-based Learning series

The values-based learning series aims to inspire people to understand "achievement" and "success" in new ways - not just in terms of exam grades, but in terms of acquiring values and skills that are needed in order to thrive, and to take meaningful action.

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Discovering What Matters: A journey of thinking and feeling: To what extent have students already acquired the values, as well as the skills, knowledge, attitudes and personal qualities, which will enable them to survive and thrive in the 21st century? Can they understand more clearly what their own values are, and learn to live by them? In which areas do they need more help? This toolkit includes both a menu of indicators and examples of activities ready to use. It can be used directly by student groups.

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Measuring What Matters - Values-Based Indicators: While values underlie much of human behaviour, they have long been considered intangible and unmeasurable. New methods and indicators pioneered by a European Union-funded research project show how values are expressed and can be measured. This module explains the background and approach for those who want to create their own indicators adapted to their needs.

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Growing a Shared Vision - A toolkit for schools: Are we ‘walking our talk’ as educators? Is our school a living example of a vibrant, sustainable community? Do we provide a supportive learning environment for staff and students, and empower them as agents of positive change? This toolkit provides tools to assess whether the educational environment we create for our students facilitates acquiring responsible values.

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