Here & Now, Education for Sustainable Consumption

Here and Now! Education for Sustainable Consumption

This publication provides recommendations and guidelines aimed at policy makers and educators on how to best integrate and implement Education for Sustainable Consumption (ESC) in the formal education sector. Also available in Chinese and Spanish!

It contains two main chapters:

a) "Addressing the challenges" illustrates the importance of ESC to policy makers and its contribution in achieving major policy goals such as environmental protection and sustainable development strategies;

b) "Optimizing opportunities" is targetted to educational authorities, teacher trainers and educators to include ESC in their curricula and teaching activities. This chapter contains a series of inspiring case studies and best practices from all over the world.

Available in following languages:

EN: Here and Now! Education for Sustainable Consumption

ES: AQUÍ y AHORA Educación para el consumo sostenible

ZH:  立即行动!开展可持续消费教育 建议和指南