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Teaching Materials & Resources

Active Learning Methodology series

The Active Learning Methodology series is for teachers and facilitators interested in education for sustainable development.<video style="width:100%" controls> <source src="" type="vid...

Good Practices Booklet series

The series of booklets focus on formal education systems as well as informal education and provide an overview of policies and practices from diverse countries to assist further action around the globe. 

Values-based Learning series

The values-based learning series aims to inspire people to understand "achievement" and "success" in new ways - not just in terms of exam grades, but in terms of acquiring values and skills that are needed in order to thrive, and to take meaningful action.

Looking for Likely Alternatives (LOLA)

Looking for likely alternatives (LOLA), is a pedagogical tool for teachers and students which assists them in the process of identifying, evaluating and documenting cases of social innovation towards sustainable lifestyles. 

Here & Now, Education for Sustainable Consumption

This publication provides recommendations and guidelines aimed at policy makers and educators on how to best integrate and implement Education for Sustainable Consumption (ESC) in the formal education sector.

Jump into Sustainability

This toolkit contains several active learning methods and lessons that can help teachers empower students to be engaged participants in the learning process. The toolkit is developed for Baltic countries by adapting PERL methodology for the needs of this region: active cross-curriculum material that supports experiential lea...