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CCN (2003-2009)

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Consumer Citizenship Network

CCN was an interdisciplinary network of educators, researchers and civil society organisations. It focused on the balance between material and non-material well-being and examined how ethical values can be implemented in conscientious participation in the market. 

During the CCN period, numerous conference were held. Please find an overview of these conferences and there outcomes below:

Using, Choosing or Creating the Future


Location: UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, France

Outcome: Conference Proceedings

Taking Responsibility As a Consumer Citizen


Location: Bratislava, Slovakia

Outcome: Conference Proceedings

Catalyzing Change


Location: Hedmark University College, Hamar, Norway

Outcome: Conference Proceedings

Building Bridges 


Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Outcome: Conference Proceedings

Assessing Information As a Consumer Citizen


Location: Tallinn, Estonia

Outcome: Conference Proceedings

Making a Difference: Putting Consumer Citizenship into Action


Location: Berlin, Germany

Outcome: Conference Proceedings