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2019-2021 "Let's Take Care of the Planet"

The "Let's take care of the planet!" Project comes from an application to the Citizens Activites Program, co-financed by the EEA Grants Fund, supported by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. The Calouste Gulbenkiam Foundation and the Bissaya Barreto Foundation are the managing entities of this program.

The overall objective of the project is to reinforce the democratic culture and civic awareness of school-age youth through the implementation of the methodology of the European project "Let's take care of the planet!" in Portugal, in a structured and networked way.

The project is coordinated by the ASPEA - Portuguese Association of Environmental Education, with the other partners of the project: the Centre for Collaborative Learning for Sustainable Development (at Inland Norway University), the Assembly of the Republic of Portugal, the Portuguese Institute of Sports and Youth (IPDJ), the Youth Centre of Lisbon (CJL), the NOVA University of Lisbon, the five Schools Association Formation Centres (CFAE), and the General Directorate of Education in Portugal.

The specific objectives of the project are:

1. Increase awareness-raising and training in schools in Education for citizenship and sustainable development.

2. Create a national network of "Let's Take Care of the Planet!" Schools based on the international project of the same name.

3. Strengthen young people's capacities for action by increasing their leadership and communication skills.

4. Influencing public policies by promoting the involvement of young people in political decisions.

5. Strengthen civic awareness in the general population in the area of ​​sustainable development and civic participation, encouraging the adoption of public practices and personal behaviours converging with ODS.

6. Train the partner entities in the project, identifying their needs and offering technical skills in the project theme.

The project has a duration of 30 months (April 2019 - September 2021). The Portuguese website for the project is at Vamos cuidar do planeta!



2017-2019 Jump into Sustainability


„Jump into Sustainable Lifestyle“ (project number 2017-1-LT01-KA201-035252) is Erasmus+ youth KA2 project. Project duration is 21 months (2017 September – 2019 May). 


The awareness of the human impact on the environment has increased, and there is a greater focus on personal as well as global consequences of individual lifestyle choices, unfortunately, sustainable development is still not a central topic of educational system in the Baltic states. To solve this problem, The Lithuanian Children and Youth Centre (LCYC) has started this Erasmus+ project „Jump into Sustainable Lifestyle“ with partners from Estonia, Latvia and Norway. 

This project‘s aim is to intensively disseminate and adapt innovative practices of education for sustainable development in partnering countries. 

The main objectives are: 

1. To adapt a methodology, which has been prepared by PERL (Partnership for Education and Research about Responsible Living) from Hamar, Norway to the needs of partnering countries (LT; LV; EE). The methodology will consist of theory, complete lesson plans and activity suggestions. 

2. To improve competences of mainstream education teachers by organizing training seminars allowing to share good practices and learn new competences on education for sustainable development. 

3. To put into practice the adapted PERL methodology and widely disseminate practices of education for sustainable development in partnering countries. 

4. To improve the quality of education for sustainable development in partnering countries. 

Project coordinator is the Lithuanian Children and Youth Centre (LCYC). 

Project partners are: Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences (INN)Centre of Creative Learning "Annas 2", LatviaEesti People to People, Estonia 

Target groups: Schools teachersSchools administrationStudents and their family members 

Project website: