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Raising Awareness About Education for Responsible Lifestyles

Raising Awareness About Education for Responsible Lifestyles

PERL/UNITWIN partners are actively helping to focus on the role of education in the transition to more sustainable lifestyles many places in India, Europe and China.


Around the world, PERL/UNITWIN partners are working to raise awareness of the importance of education for sustainable lifestyles. Kristof Dewaele, from  Vives College in Belgium, joined local learners in India. At SCAD (, an organization focusing on education as a means to develop the more discriminated groups (salt pan children, gypsy and lepra community) as well as stimulating organic integrated farming, Kristof visited students who were doing their internship  in special education and occupational therapy. Additionally Kristof visited AREDS ( ). AREDS is a NGO with a focus on organic farming and women’s empowerment. By providing woman a better income (by organic farming) AREDS tries to empower woman.


Machtelijn Brummel, Netherlands Enterprise Agency, joined 750 people from 22 countries in January in Ahmedabad, India at the conference entitled: “Education as a driver for the Sustainable Development Goals”. Organized by the Center for Environmental Education, in partnership with UNESCO, UNEP and the Government of India, the three-day conference brought together global experience and expertise to highlight and strengthen the role of education in realizing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Following the conference Machteljin worked with the CEE, coordinating collaboration between students from the Netherlands and Indian students.
Ismael Velasco, of the Adora Foundation, inspired students in Norway during his trip in January 2016 to Hedmark University of Applied Sciences. Ismael had presentations with students and staff in both the drama department and the social sciences department. His activities were shared in the local press in a detailed interview.
Declan Doyle, from Carlow  Institute of Technology  emphasized the role of responsible living at the 16th Annual Chinese Conference on International Education.
Several PERL/UNITWIN partners met in Shanghai, China in December 2015 with colleagues from The Netherlands, the U.K., New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland and the USA to further collaboration and to review and develop the values-based Learning toolkits and indicators.
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PERL is a member of the Multi-Stakeholder Advisory Committee  of the 10-Year Framework of Programs on Sustainable Lifestyles and Education which held its first consultation in Tokyo in March 2015. Several PERL/UNITWIN partners attended and the role of education both as a cross-cutting theme as well as a focus area in its own right was discussed.

MAC Tokyo 2015 beskjært

This photo shows attendees at the 10-Year Framework of Programs on Sustainable Lifestyles and Education Multi-Stakeholder Advisory Committee  Meeting in Tokyo March 2015.

Francois Jegou, of Strategic Design Scenarios, is a participant in the European Project CIMULACT (Citizen and Multi-Actor Consultation on Horizon 2020). CIMULACT has as a main objective to engage Citizens and stakeholders in the co-creation of European research agendas based on real, validated and shared visions, needs and demands.  CIMULACT aims at establishing and improving dialogue between citizens, stakeholders, scientists, and policymakers where visions and scenarios for desirable and sustainable futures can be developed, debated and transformed into recommendations and suggestions for research and innovation policies and topics.