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PERL conference 2015 — A unique milestone

PERL conference 2015 — A unique milestone

The PERL conference entitled: “Preparing, Engaging, Responding and Learning about Responsible Living” which was held 10-11 March 2015 at UNESCO headquarters in Paris was an outstanding event in the history of the partnership. 

Quality key-note speeches, new research presentations and publications, new learning materials, workshops and symposia and much more animated the conference and bore witness to the dedicated activity of the PERL partnership. (read more)

Some highlights were: Arjen Wals examination of education for sustainable development; Arvind Singhal’s presentation of positive deviance; Bert de Vries’s discussion of integrative world views; and Mariana Nicolau’s description of leverage points for social change. The symposium sponsored by The International Environment Forum on “Ethical Transformation and Education for Service at the Community and Institutional Level”, and the workshop lead by Jan Vandermortele on “Global Frameworks for the Transition to Sustainable Lifestyles” contributed to  valuable discussion. Likewise, the workshop held by Guus Geisen on “systems thinking in education for responsible living” and the international roundtable discussion provided much food for thought.

The conference participants looked closely at what has been accomplished during the last decade and carefully considered new scientific evidence and practices about sustainable, responsible living. Plans were laid for future collaboration. The attached set of recommendations was enthusiastically endorsed by the conference.