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New overview of PERL learning methodologies

New overview of PERL learning methodologies

Fourth in a series that focuses on policies and practices of education for responsible, sustainable living, the “Learning to Do” booklet recently published by PERL/UNITWIN provides descriptions of three successful methodologies used around the world.

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Many initiatives are being taken all around the world to achieve more responsible ways of living in relation to our own lives, the lives of others and the natural environment.  This publication looks at the following methodologies in light of the UNEP recommendations for Education for Sustainable Consumption entitled: “Here and Now! Education for ESC”:


  1. Learning using values-based indicators
  2. Active Learning using Images and Objects
  3. Learning through social innovation, Looking for Likely Alternatives (LOLA)



Key elements of all three of the methodologies are developing the ability to:

-          investigate one’s own values and actions as well as those of one’s community and the world at large;

-          apply new knowledge and understanding to one’s daily choices;

-          adjust previous attitudes and behaviour;

-          adapt to new conditions and opportunities;

-          facilitate constructive change in one’s neighbourhood and with those one has contact with.


 “Learning to Do—Education for Sustainable Living” is available online on the PERL/UNITWIN website under Best practices publications and hard copies can be obtained free of charge from the PERL/UNITWIN office at