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Learning about lifestyles

Learning about lifestyles

CCL held a workshop on April 23, 2018 for educators from Latin America about education for sustainable lifestyles.

Learning about lifestyles2

In collaboration with the Earth Charter Centre, CCL brought together teachers and educational authorities from 13 countries to consult on how best to stimulate learning about sustainable lifestyles. The workshop investigated various approaches to transformative learning and how to involve a wide variety of stakeholders in the learning processes.

Experiences with education for sustainable living (ESL) and examples of best practice from around the world were shared.  The workshop focused on how to improve both teacher training and educational practice in schools on sustainable living and responsible consumption. The discussions dealt with such challenges as:

  • the need for more transformational education
  • how to empower responsible living and engage learners
  • how to assess education for sustainable development
  • best practice for comprehensive teacher training on education for sustainable living

There was a focus on the specific challenges in Latin America.