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Latin American Research for a Troubled World

Latin American Research for a Troubled World

Researchers from Latin America and the Nordic countries convened on 1-2 September 2016 for a NORLARNET conference organized by the University of Oslo and focusing on Latin American Research for a Troubled World. 


A panel, organized by researchers from Akershus University College of Applied Sciences and Hedmark University of Applied Sciences in cooperation with PERL/UNITWIN took up strategic issues in political ecology: environmental governance, labor conflicts and sustainable lifestyles in Latin America.

Four panelists made presentations: Lars Leer, Hedmark University of Applied Sciences; Luis Flores Mimica, PERL regional coordinator for Latin America; Sarah Kollnig; and Julio Martinez. In addition to the panels, the conference discussed Latin America’s environmental challenges and the prospects of development and democracy. The conference also reflected on recent trends in Latin American films and literature.

Numerous copies of the PERL learning materials in Spanish were disseminated at the conference.