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International strategy workshop on Research and Education for Sustainable Lifestyles

International strategy workshop on Research and Education for Sustainable Lifestyles

November 20, 2015, 22 people from Africa, Japan, Europe, and North America gathered at the RCE (Regional Centre of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development) of the Vienna University of Economics and Business. 

They discussed a program on research and education for sustainable lifestyles; as part of the UN 10YFP (10 year Framework of Programs on Sustainable Consumption and Production) Program on Sustainable Lifestyles and Education: Read about unep here.

PB205478 (002)

The aim of this workshop was to develop concrete action plans and collaborative research projects; to explore knowledge gaps; and how to communicate existing knowledge and insights with practitioners (ranging from policy makers to grassroots innovators and educators). Working groups were formed: on education, communication, local governance for sustainable lifestyles; and scenarios as engagement tools. The education group developed an action plan to promote education for sustainable lifestyles, consulted on improvements in the SLE TRANSFORM project proposal, and collected best practice case studies about education for sustainable lifestyles.

The group is part of a larger group of about 45 people and institutions representing a broad coalition of global research and education institutions; and which is led by the Global Research Forum on Sustainable Production and Consumption (GRF-SPaC)   Global Research Forum and PERL (The Partnership for Education and Research about Responsible Living) Its aim is to develop a portfolio of projects as well as numerous activities around the globe to support the 10YFP SLE program and to change towards sustainable lifestyles. Mid 2017 a global conference is envisaged to take stock and map progress.