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Global Action Programme initiated

Global Action Programme initiated

PERL contributed to the launching of UNESCO’s Global Action Programme for Education for Sustainable Development in Nagoya, Japan in November 2014. Seven PERL members were actively involved in the international conference which marked the end of the U.N. Decade for Education for Sustainable Development (UN-DESD). 

The conference reviewed the results of the UN-DESD, applauding its successes and acknowledging its shortcomings. There was general agreement that, while having achieved significant recognition for ESD around the globe, there remains much to be done before ESD is mainstreamed in formal and informal education, is interdisciplinary, participatory, and stimulates creativity.

The main goal of the Global Action Programme is to multiply and scale up activities on ESD by integrating sustainable development into education and integrating education into sustainable development. The focus themes of the Programme are: advancing policy, transforming learning and training environments, building capacity of teachers and trainers, empowering and mobilizing youth, and accelerating sustainable solutions at the local level.

The Global Action Programme (lead by UNESCO) and the 10-Year Framework Program on Sustainable Lifestyles and Education (coordinated by UNEP) are expected to provide valuable synergies towards common goals. PERL activities support both of these initiatives.