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Becoming Global Citizens was successfull

Becoming Global Citizens was successfull

Becoming Global Citizens was a week of activities held at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, and focused on research about sustainable development, education for responsible living, and international partnerships and exchanges.


A number of events, workshops and seminars were organized for both university students and staff. Guests from around the world were invited to provide lectures and training sessions to share their insights and experiences.

The week focused on global citizenship and celebrated the 30th anniversary of the European Erasmus program, a program that has supported numerous projects and exchanges at our institutions.

Overall, we received very positive feedback from the people who joined the week’s activities. The workshops were very interactive and made the participants think differently about their own role in sustainable development. The pizza party, especially, was a great success. The timing of this event made it possible for a lot of students to attend and the informal setting created a good environment for interesting discussions related to sustainability. A lot of students showed interest in the work that has been done by PERL and the Center and they took some of the learning materials with them. In general, we hope that the Becoming Global Citizens week has helped to raise awareness about the positive interconnections of modern society, and the rights and responsibilities of global citizens. We also hope that it has contributed to making the work of the Center for Collaborative Learning for Sustainable Development on issues related to the Global Agenda 2030 (Sustainable Development Goals) making better known. We are looking forward to collaboration on future activities!