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Advancing Policy on Education for Sustainable Development

Advancing Policy on Education for Sustainable Development

CCL helps facilitate the UNESCO regional technical workshop and training “Education for Sustainable Development – Advancing Policy”

The UNESCO Regional Office for Eastern Africa led the organisation of this technical workshop that took place in Nairobi, Kenya from 8-10 May 2018. The main aim of workshop was to support the Member States from this region to strengthen the development and implementation of their ESD policies, and the workshop participants included representatives from the national governments of 11 countries from the Eastern Africa and adjacent Indian Ocean states.

Dr. Robert J. Didham, deputy director of the Centre for Collaborative Learning for Sustainable Development, served as one of the two facilitators of this workshop alongside Dr. Dorcas Otieno of Kenyatta University.  An important part of this training workshop was the provision of a large number of facilitated sessions utilising group collaboration and participatory appraisal techniques. These activities aimed to support deeper exploration of the overall policy process for advancing ESD, understanding current strengths and weaknesses, identifying opportunities, and prioritising actions to achieve maximum impact for advancing ESD policy and practice in each country.

The facilitated group work culminated in the development of country-specific action points as a key outcome of the workshop. The countries each presented several specific priority actions and a basic strategy for their implementation. The specified actions covered practical steps that could be taken in the near future, but they also represented actions that could create high impacts for advancing ESD policy in each country.