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Advancing Climate Change Adaptation

Advancing Climate Change Adaptation

CCL supports collaborative research and capacity building for climate change adaptation in the Asia-Pacific region.

The workshop on Climate Change Impact Assessments and Adaptation Planning in the Asia-Pacific Region: Advancing Practices in Climate Change Adaptation at the National, Local, and Sectoral Levels was held in Manila, Philippines on January 31 to February 1, 2018 as part of the initiative of the Ministry of Environment of the Government of Japan (MOEJ) in cooperation with the Asia Pacific Adaptation Network (APAN). The workshop was co-organised by the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) and the Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc. (MRI). This workshop aimed to support stronger implementation of Climate Change Adaptation by addressing key areas for moving from planning to practice specifically in addressing vertical integration.

The workshop included over fifty participants and provided an affective platform for the representatives from sixteen countries to share good practices and lessons learned from existing programs and projects on CCA vertical integration as well as to identify challenges and opportunities for countries to engage in these good practices. The participants were also able to explore ways to fill in the gaps by taking into account the resources that they have in their countries, region, and beyond. Through exchanging relevant information, experiences and lessons learned from implementing NAP process in the region, the workshop aimed to assist in enhancing capacity building of national governments officials and other relevant stakeholders who are engaged in developing and implementing adaptation plans and CCA background assessments in the region.

Dr. Robert J. Didham, deputy director of the Centre for Collaborative Learning for Sustainable Development and an IGES fellow, served as the lead facilitator of first day of the workshop and supported is design as a platform for collaborative learning on CCA practices in the region.  As the fourth workshop is this series since 2015, these workshops have created a beneficial platform for the co-review of the status of adaptation planning in the region and the co-generation of knowledge on the needs and opportunities for strategic capacity building.