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Studies in Professional Development, Learning and Policy

The group Studies in Professional Development, Learning and Policy (SPLP) will raise relevant research questions to strengthen pedagogical research in the education of professionals in the teaching profession and the kindergarten profession.  

The group aims to strengthen pedagogical research, create initiatives for better research collaboration regionally, nationally and internationally.  


Key focus areas:

  • Professional development: It is about teachers' work and knowledge development, but also their professionalism, professional practice and the search for professionalisation. 
  • Learning processes: Learning involves an interaction between individuals and the environment. It is about how knowledge is interpreted, constructed, transformed and displayed (gestalted). Important areas for the group are learning processes, adapted training and transitions between levels in the system. 
  • Policy: Studying education policy and education policy is important to understand which relationships affect the education's conditions, content and execution. Examples of research in this area are about the role of international knowledge surveys, and how they affect the educational policy conversations and research. Furthermore, we find comparative studies, as well as discourse analyses of how different educational policy goals and priorities take shape. 

The group's research revolves around pedagogical didactics in the understanding that it is about professional theory as a framework for interpretation and understanding of teaching and learning. This can also be seen in connection with the didactic triangle, where content, student and teacher are in a mutual relationship with each other. 

Reserach activity: