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Media, technology and lifelong learning

The Centre for Media Pedagogy was established in 2003 with the help of funding from the Norwegian Research Council.

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It acts as an umbrella centre for the college's research activities related to media, technology and education, and is based on a broad interdisciplinary cooperation.

The research group is based at the Center for Media Pedagogy which was established in 2002. It deals with practical and theoretical research related to teaching and learning activities involving media and technology. Research projects include the use of media and technology among young people, adults and elderly in formal and informal pedagogical contexts. A main aim is to raise questions about technology and learning related to citizenship, democratic values, equality and justice in the field of education. This involves philosophical, analytical and empirical contributions that address various areas such as adult education, higher education, primary education, distance education, flexible or blended education, lifelong learning and organizational learning. The research group wants to promote participation and reflexivity in the development of the media pedagogical field.  

The centre is responsible for the conference series "Didactics and Technology," and publishes the international electronic journal, which publishes peer-reviewed articles in English.

Some of our ongoing research projects are:

  • “The mediated childhood – between prohibition and freedom.” The project has a threefold focus: mobile phones in schools, computer games, and digital storytelling as a method.
  • “The art of teaching art” – focusing on film and TV educational program didactics.
  • “Amandus films – new developments.”

Participants (in alphabetical order):

  • Anne Mette Bjørgen: children and youth’s use of technology in schools and for leisure, identity and digital competence
  • Yvonne Fritze: communication, reflexivity and media in teaching
  • Geir Haugsbakk: language, education, technology, and teaching
  • Øyvind Kalnes: media and politics, and media in social studies education
  • Jo Sondre Moseng
  • Brit Svoen: media education and teaching media, media production and competence among children and youth