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Mathematics education

The Mathematics Education research group conduct practice-based research in school and preschool/kindergarten, building on sociocultural and embodied perspectives on the development of children’s and adolescents’ mathematical thinking. We are especially engaged in research on teacher management, assessment and design of mathematical activities. So far, the research has been restricted to preschool/kindergarten, but we plan new projects aiming at elementary and lower secondary school.  


Our ongoing projects are “Early intervention for good mathematics learning in kindergarten” and the Ph.D. project «A multi-case embodied design study on early mathematics: Perception, cognition and measurement of the cardinal concept in bodily-spatial interaction". In the first project kindergarten employees observe mathematical proficiencies by involving children in mathematical activities or by adding or emphasizing mathematical content in everyday activities or activities initiated by children. The purpose is to strengthen early intervention and to prevent development of mathematical disabilities by making it possible to give good support to children with slow progression in cardinal understanding. The aim of further research is to improve the employees use of the observation scheme in order to achieve good mathematical development for all children, and especially for those in danger of developing mathematical disabilities.  

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