European and Global Studies

The research group for European and Global Studies is multidisciplinary and focuses on international developments from economic, political, historical and legal perspectives, in practice and in theory development.

Our work focuses on European economic and political integration and cooperation, globalization and global developments, international affairs, international security and international political economy, geopolitics as well as on the relationship between public, organizational and private actors and markets, peace and conflict.

Europeanization and globalization of national policies is central, such as nternational cooperation in the EU, WTO, IMF, NATO, UN etc..

We also study the implications of europeanization and globalization on Norway, such as the interaction and overlap between domestic and international affairs, the EEA Agreement, the impact on the welfare state, Norway's position as a small state in international relations, and  its role as a major global energy producer.

The research group for European and Global Studies participate in national and international conferences and research projects, teach courses, interact with private and public decision makers, and disseminates to the public.


Ole Gunnar Austvik: European economic and political integration. International political economy. Energy
Bjørn Bakken
Micheline Grung
Sondre Torp Helmersen
Øyvind Kalnes
Paul Knutsen: EU historical developments
Torunn Kvisberg
Pernille Rieker
Marianne Riddervold: European integration. International affairs
Marit Roland
Thomas Rønning
Lorentz Stavrum: Human Rights. International law
Knut Storberget
Bent Sofus Tranøy: International political economy. European integration. Financialization.
Noralv Veggeland: European integration. Multilevel governance. The regulatory state.

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