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Forest Research in the Boreal Biome

Photo: Christian Strømme

Photo: Christian Strømme

The research group Forest Research in the Boreal Biome conducts research on applied forestry as well as basic forest research. We are based in the department of forestry and wildlife, Evenstad. Evenstad (surrounded by extensive forests and recreation opportunities) is located in the heartland of forestry in Norway. Indeed, the region of Østerdalen is known for active forestry with strong forestry traditions. This is therefore a great place to study and do research about forests and forestry.

We are a young research group established in 2019. We carry out research in projects about sustainable use of forest resources and regulation of plant growth. You may also take a look at our scientific publications and disseminations. We work by collaborating with our outside network, and co-develop our research and education with other research and teaching institutions as well as industry.

In Evenstad, we offer bachelor studies in forestry and wildlife management in Norwegian. We offer studies in English too: master studies in Applied Ecology, where you may specialize in Forestry (and shorter studies. We are also working on a full master program in Forestry in English. Our PhD program in Applied Ecology and Biotechnology covers research education in forestry.


Polyfores (Decision-making Support for Forest Ecosystem Services in Europe - Value Assessment, Synergy Effects and Trade-offs) 

People benefit in various ways from forest ecosystem, like from timber, food, energy, carbon, biodiversity and recreational opportunities. The aim of POLYFORES is to better understand trade-offs and synergies between different objectives of forest management. The project was granted 1.68M € by Sum Forest ERA NET and the consortium consists of partners from Austria, Belarus, Germany, Norway, Russia, Spain, and Sweden.

Monitoring in forestry using Remotely Sensed Multispectral Images from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

The project is a collaboration with University of Almería in Spain. The objective is to analyze whether processed multispectral images from drones are suitable to detect regeneration success in young stands after clear-cut. We use forest close to Evenstad as study sites. Project period: 2019-20.

GIS course

Kompetanse Norge 2019-20. NOK 350 000 together with Skogkurs (Norwegian Forestry Extension Institute) to develop and offer a part-time course in GIS for people working with forestry and wildlife management. The course is in Norwegian and is offered winter 2019-2020. 

“Såkornmidler” NOK 150 000 from Inland Norway of Applied Sciences 2019, for changing the courses in the BA program in forestry into problem-based teaching. 

Selected publications 

Strømme, C.B., Julkunen-Tiitto R, Sivadasan U, Lavola A, Olsen JE, Nybakken L (2015) UV-B and temperature enhancement affect spring and autumn phenology in Populus tremula. Plant Cell & Environment 38 DOI: 10.1111/pce.12338 

Strømme, C.B., Julkunen-Tiitto R, Olsen JE, Nybakken L (2017) The dioecious Populus tremula displays interactive effects of temperature and ultraviolet-B along a natural gradient. Environmental and Experimental Botany 146 DOI:10.1016/j.envexpbot.2017.09.013 

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