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Energy and Natural Resources

Research Group on Energy and Natural Resources is working on economic and policy analyses of energy markets and energy production.

The research group also focuses on sustainable utilization and management of natural resources. The methods used in the various analyses are based on approached from the economic, social and political fields of sciences.

The work focuses on analyses of markets for renewable and non-renewable energy resources, pricing- and production relationships in these markets, management and regulation of the energy- and commodity production, energy transportation and energy trading, energy policy and international relations, and innovation and new ways to use energy and natural resources.

Scholars from Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences within the group energy and natural resources participate in several national and international research projects, publish in international journals, and additionally communicates to the public.


  • ElCarbonRisk 

Participants (alphabetically):

Ole Gunnar Austvik: Energy economics, Energy policy, European integration, Norwegian petroleum policy
Erik Haugom: Energy finance
Gudbrand Lien: Energy finance, Energy economics, Agricultural economics
Ørjan Mydland: Economic analysis of network services/Distribution companies
Andrew Musau

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