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E4 - Evenstad Ecology, Evolution and Environment group

Most of us work at Evenstad Campus that forms the home surroundings for diverse research projects on various aquatic, terrestrial and avian organisms.

While this southern boreal part of Norway makes a core distribution for research activities, we make lot of national and international collaborations covering many different regions and techniques. Applied Ecology makes the central part of our research activities.

We have a quite wet focus, with many projects on fish and food webs, but we are also working with terrestrial mammals and insects. We try to integrate both applied and basic ecology in different projects.

Nothing in nature makes sense without Evolution and we work hard to understand the role of natural selection in shaping populations and forming new species. Identification of populations with genetic tools have important management implications in quota settings and harvest regulations.

The Environment set the overall scene for ecological and evolutionary processes. Climate change and land-use are rapidly changing ecosystems and pollutant dynamics, with subsequent effects on different levels of biological organization.

Thus, many of our projects are true E4!