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Cell- and reproduction biotechnology

Cow (photo: GENO)

(Photo: GENO)

Reproduction Biotechnology comprises technological and biological approaches to reveal factors affecting fertility, across species and kingdoms. Gametes from animals, aquatic organisms and plants are characterized to identify phenotypic traits important to fertilizing capacity.

There is an increasing demand for knowledge in fertility and reproductive biotechnology, globally but also locally, to ensure our collaborating companies maintain competiveness and gain broader, more lucrative, market positions.

INN University enjoys fruitful and advantageous cooperation with the national animal, plant and aquaculture breeding organisations, together forming a unique hub for research on fertility, breeding and genetics.

INN University has collaborated for many years with several companies on research projects especially focusing on aspects of fertility and reproduction, often in combination with preservation technologies.

Interdisciplinary approaches and cross-species comparisons of fertility and reproductive traits are extremely informative and valuable, and give unique innovation potential.

Project examples: