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Scandinavian literature and literature didactics


Scandinavian literature and literature didactics includes researchers at HINN who are particularly interested in literary research perspectives and problems related to education, aesthetics and society. Our research is focused on topics central to Norwegian as a school subject, including literary texts from a range of genres and historical periods. 

The group is concerned with basic didactic literature questions such as "what is literacy?", "what is fiction reading?" and «why and how do we read? ». The answers to such questions can be found in a variety of sources such as fiction itself and in literary theory. Through theory, text and context-oriented studies of fictional texts, we contribute to strengthening the scientific basis for the Norwegian subject at all stages of the education system. 

The research group's activity is at the center of the doctoral program in vocational teacher education subjects (PROFF) with its emphasis on foundational questions of literary didactics and Norwegian and Nordic text culture. All teaching at college and university level must be research-based, and members of the research group conduct their research in areas where the individual teaches; in kindergarten teacher education, primary school teacher and associate professor education and in the discipline subject Norwegian.  The group also links its research to literature and literature dissemination in learning arenas such as public/school libraries, cultural schools, literature festivals, literature houses, etc. 

The research group's activity is particularly focused on five areas:  
Nordic poetry, Children's and youth literature, intermediality and multimodality, Literature and regionality, Literature dissemination. 
Through these, we safeguard HiNNs obligations and goals regionally, nationally and internationally. The research group has affiliated members at other educational institutions at home and abroad, and all members are also involved in several international research networks and projects.  
Current research projects  
Workers' poetry and regionalism  
Authorship studies: Ingeborg Refling Hagen, Hanne Bramness, Henrik Norbrandt  
Literature dissemination in kindergarten  
Children's literature across media  
Lyricism as a form of knowledge  
Politics and literature and the politics of literature  
Travel literature from Norway and South America in the 19th century in a comparative perspective  
The theoretical basis for lyricism in song 
The sonnet and the sonnet sequence in Nordic contemporary poetry  
The Research Group is also responsible for the writing series ‘Nordic contemporary poetry’, now available through open access.

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