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Literature and literacy

The group contributes to research relevant to the school subjects English and Norwegian. It is, furthermore, committed to interdisciplinarity, both within the group and in collaboration with other research groups.

We work across the disciplines with literature, focusing on children’s and young adult literature in the classroom. Several members of the group have a research interest in poetry. Members of the group are also involved in projects related to reading, writing and cultural understanding in the school subjects Norwegian as a first language and English as a second or foreign language.

Group members

Research projects:

One of the corner stones of the research group is projects and publications related to "Poetry and Pedagogy" and "Poetry and Sustainability". Other ongoing or recently completed projects are about Shakespeare, dystopian literature, historical literature and biography as school-relevant genres literature comprehension in various school contexts literary conversations the development of the English subject in a historical perspective professional development of English teachers in primary school academic writing


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