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Language Teaching and Learning in Multilingual Contexts 

Language Teaching and Learning in Multilingual Contexts explores language contexts for people whose first language is something other than Norwegian, but have grown up or settled in Norway. The group's primary focus is related to how these individuals use Norwegian as part of their multilingual repertoire. The group also investigates the teaching and learning of Norwegian as a second language.


Our academic community profiles itself with issues close to practice, and by supplementing linguistic theories and methods with theories and methods from educational science, especially subject didactics.  Our projects include multilingual people's language use and Norwegian language teaching both in their own groups and in situations where multilingual children, young people and adults are involved in communication or training in ‘normal’ use or training situations, such as kindergartens, ordinary classes in school and working life.  Through our projects the group collaborates with academic environments both in Norway and in other countries, including Høgskulen på Vestlandet, MultiLing at the University of Oslo, Karlstad University, Malmö University, Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, Jyväskylä University, Hamburg University and the University of Iceland.

The group's research projects are relevant to the UN's sustainability goal 4 on high quality education. This applies nationally through an ambition to develop knowledge about education, teachers' professional practices, second language learning and multilingual practices that contribute to better learning conditions, learning outcomes and inclusion for children, young people and adults with an immigrant background. Globally, the group works in collaboration with colleagues at the University of Zambia contributing new knowledge about using English and regional languages as a second language in education in Zambia. Another important topic is how digital communication is used in multilingual contexts. 

At Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, our academic community is association with the subjects Norwegian and pedagogy, associated with the Ph.D. program ‘professionally oriented teacher education subjects’.

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