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Language and Society

The research group Language and Society includes researchers at HINN who are interested in linguistic perspectives on issues related to education and society. 

Oral communication, language as a systemand an opportunity, text in context and linguistic diversity are important topics in the new curricula that were implemented in 2020/2021 in for the language subjects. Members of the research group Language and Society are interested in these topics, and we thus aim to strengthen the research-based knowledge in the language subjects at all levels of the Norwegian education system. 

The research group also aims to enhance research-based teaching, and the members conduct research in the areas where they teach (e.g. language subjects in primary and secondary teacher education, in further education courses and in master's programs).  

The members of the group share an interest in classical linguistic disciplines (phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics and sociolinguistics), as well as in newer approaches that allow for a more holistic view of linguistic phenomena. 

Common to the members' research is further that it has an applied perspective on language and takes into account insights from current research in multilingualism. More specifically, members' research includes comparative perspectives on  

  • language structure both diachronic (e.g. Old Norse versus modern Norwegian) and synchronous (e.g. dialect variation in modern Norwegian and features of the language of multilingual individuals with different language and/or dialect backgrounds, linguistic awareness)  
  • language use in different cultural and social contexts (e.g. skills, critical sociolinguistic and narrative analyzes of institutional language practices and academic writing in different genres and languages, complexity in learner language)  
  • language ideologies in different geographical areas and social spaces (e.g. language attitudes in Norway, narratives about language and language learning, language policy)  
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