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ELiU doctoral projects

  • doctoral research
    Individual aspects of fluency: A contrastive study og utterance fluency variations in native and interlanguage speech: Investigates spoken English interlanguage, with an emphasis on the features that may contribute to fluency (e.g. pauses and fillers) and the potential for transfer of fluency-related features between a speaker’s languages. The material is drawn from the Norwegian component of the Louvain International Database of Spoken English Interlanguage ( LINDSEI), as well as a comparable corpus of interviews in Norwegian, compiled for the purpose of this investigation. Contact person:  Hege Larsson Aas
  • The use of corpora by English language teachers: Investigates the use of corpora in English language teaching in Norway, focussing on the extent of corpus use (and non-use) among teachers, what corpora teachers use and what for, and what teachers new to corpora find useful or challenging. Contact person:  Barry Kavanagh
  • Corpora in the EFL classroom: Toward a discovery learning approach: Investigates the use of corpora as a potential learning tool in the English as a foreign language [EFL] classroom. The research focuses on direct learner interaction with corpora and aims to examine teacher and learner beliefs, experiences, and perspectives with different corpus resources. The project primarily relies on interview and observation data. Contact person:  Petter Hagen Karlsen
  • A Corpus-Based Network Approach to Second Language Acquisition and Teaching: Investigates second language acquisition in the light of usage-based construction grammar and further aims to bring linguistic theory and classroom approaches closer together. The research is based on a corpus compiled specifically for the project, as well as available L2 (e.g. EFCAMDAT) and native speaker corpora. Contact person: Linda Gerisch
  • A qualitative metaphor analysis and comparison between English L1 and L2 speakers: Investigates metaphor production in the written English of L1 Finnish and L1 Russian learners of English. Contact person: Renata Turunen (starting date 01 August 2021)

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