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Current ELiU projects

A selection of current EliU projects:

  • Postgraduate Academic Writing in Norway ( PAWN): Investigates academic writing at the master and doctoral levels. The data compilation of student texts (master theses and doctoral dissertations produced at colleges and universities in Norway) was carried out in 2018. These texts cover multiple disciplines. The overall goal of the project is to study the development og academic writing skills and to study disciplinary characteristics. Contact person:  Sylvi Rørvik
  • Metaphor in Academic Talk: L2 metaphor production in Higher Education CLIL discussion Seminars (MetCLIL): Investigates the use of metaphor in academic discussion seminars in contexts where English is a medium of instruction (EMI), also known as Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL). This project, funded by the Spanish Research Council, is led by the University of Extremadura is Spain, and involves collaboration between researchers in the Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, Portugal, the UK and Norway (INN University). Contact person:  Susan Nacey 
  • Multilingual student translation corpus ( MUST): Compilation of an international translation corpus, composed of translations are made by university students in different European countries, both to and from the students’ L1. The aim of the corpus is to facilitate research into second language acquisition and translation, for example students’ translation from mother tongue to foreign languages, or their translation solutions or challenges in translation. MUST is led by the Centre for English Corpus Linguistics at Université catholique de Louvain. The Norwegian component is managed the University of Agder, with contributions from the University of Oslo and INN University. Contact person:  Siri Fürst Skogmo
  • Corpus of laterals project (COLATERAL): This project investigates /l/-sounds (laterals) in a cross-linguistic perspective, with a view to identifying the acoustic and articulatory differences between laterals in English, Norwegian and German. Samples of laterals have been and will be recorded from native speakers of all three languages and from two modes – speech and classical singing. Ultimately, the findings will be applied in the L2 phonetics teaching of English and German speech and singing. The project involves researchers at INN and the University of Oslo/(The Norwegian Academy of Music). Contact person: Gjertrud F. Stenbrenden

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