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Social and welfare studies

The area of Innovations in Welfare Services is a part of a broader focus on innovation in services, both public and private, at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences (HINN). This area of research is cross-disciplinary and is organized across several faculties at HINN.

The research group for Innovations in Welfare Services focuses on a number of subthemes. The research conducted is partly connected to these specialized themes, but there are also projects that stretch across these divisions.

The following themes are central to the research group for Innovations in Welfare Services:

  • Innovations in Welfare Services at the macro-level, for instance, the study of major reforms.
  • Innovations in Welfare Services at the municipal level, for example, a new organization of care services, the building of houses for vulnerable groups, and so on.
  • Top-down and bottom-up innovations, such as user-directed services, initiatives for changes by the users, especially the disabled and those in psychiatric treatment. The department has also had several extensive research projects connected to the system of User-Directed Personal Assistance (BPA, Brukerstyrt personlig assistanse).
  • Innovations that are the result of organizational and technological conditions, and the interplay among these.
  • Methodological innovations related to the practices in the welfare services.


Making user participation work – from policy to practice

Participants (alphabetically):

Ingrid Guldvik
Jan Andersen
Kaia Paulsen
Liv Solheim
Maria Røhnebæk
Marit Godeseth
Ole Petter Askheim
Rolf Rønning